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GreshEx Financial Summit is hosted by Gresham International, the worlds largest independent Digital Asset legal service and compliance firm. 

At this one day event, attendees will have the opportunity to meet likeminded industry experts, selected for attendance. Forget attending events with booths, speakers, and as many sponsors as possible. Greshex Financial Summit is hosted in a professional, inclusive round table environment. 

Two Key Note speakers will discuss two core topics, and play host as the floor is opened up to everyone for engagement, discussion, and ideas. Your contribution as an attendee is as welcome as everyone else. 

The event will take place in the Novotel Hotel in the Dubai World Trade Center with a maximum of 35 attendees. We hope that you will enjoy us for this amazing day of contribution and discussion. 

Application for attendance and limited sponsorship is below. 

Learn. Network. Grow. 

Financial Summit 

October 15, 2022 10:30AM
  NOVOTEL Hotel 
Dubai World Trade Center


Meet the Hosts 

Cal Evans 
Managing Associate - Gresham International 
Kevin Soltani 
Founder and CEO GIMA Group 

Meet Some of the Attendees

Vit Jedicka - President of Liberland
Art by aamirta.jpeg
Amrita - Art by Amrita 
Dustin Planholt - Forbes 'The Count of Crypto'

Apply to Attend or Sponsor 

This is a free to attend event. All attendees must be approved in advance and bring their invitation. Discussion topics will include (but not limited to): 
- Regulation and Compliance 
- Latest Developments in Tech 
- NFT's 
- Marketing 
- Esports  

The event will include two coffee breaks and lunch provided at the hotel, please reach out if you have any questions. 

We hope you will join us for what is going to be an amazing day! 

Sponsorship information can be found under the map below. 


Collaborative Education. 


Apply to Sponsor 

We are looking for a limited number of sponsors to support this event. 

All sponsors will receive an invitation to the event and will be welcome to discuss their service offering or product. Unlike other events, sponsors will not be hidden. Sponsors are invited to take part in this interactive event. 

Download the sponsorship pack below


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